As one of the most creative and progressive companies in the product design world, we are always looking for talented individuals to add to our team. We provide an environment for designers to nurture their creativity. We assist in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and any other roadblock on the path to the realization of a product to market. We have three partnership opportunities for great designers.

Project Outsourcing

We collaborate with you on the brand positioning and product requirements. We work together on the functionality of the product and the look and feel of the final good. Together we come to agreement regarding commission and a timeline.

Build brand together

If you have your own idea and ambitions, we can provide you with the right selling channels, manufacturing resources, and branding expertise. We will work together and agree on an appropriate way to divide the profits.

To be an in-house designer

We love when talented designers join our team! Our designers all have unique roles within the company. We will find your perfect fit based on your experience and specialty. If you want to learn more, please click here to browse our career section.