The Worthfind story officially begins in 2005. We were first founded as a small international trade company based in Xiamen, China. Gradually our team grew, tripling our size by 2008. We built a strong management team, and before we knew it we’d become one of the largest bag exporters in Xiamen.

2009 – 2012

Between 2009 and 2012, we continued to grow our business. We started our own brand and began experimenting with international online channels, selling our products online to huge success.


In 2013 we established our global fulfilment centera supply chain management team as well as a design team responsible for innovative and creative design ideas and implementation. By 2015, we were selling products to 149 different countries around the world, with no plans to stop there.


Today, we continue to steer our company onwards and upwards. With new directions, visions and missions in place, we plan to grow and build our business, providing even better products to more consumers in more countries.