Product Design

At Worthfind, industrial designers work with material engineers, data analysts, quality control specialists, and other experts to create new products that our customers love. From conception to realization, each product is made with our customers’ needs in mind.

With more than 11 years of design and research experience, we have developed several successful brands in the various markets. We combine our expertise with that of designers in Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong so that we can deliver the absolute best results.

Before a product is launched, it goes through a rigorous process to ensure it meets our standards. Every aspect of the product is researched, and an experienced product manager gives a detailed analysis of our target market using data and a comprehensive study of all possible scenarios. A designer goes through several samples, prototypes, and different ideas to find the best match. A material engineer and quality control manager work together to create the final product, ensuring it will last a long time and is made of quality materials. Lastly, visual designers create packaging that protects the product while maintaining our brand. We follow this process each time as we design and develop over 300 styles of products each year!