Supply Chain Management

From supplier to customer, Worthfind aims to perfect the delivery process. We carefully monitor and control the development process, purchase process, and transportation process to ensure we are efficiently and effectively utilizing our facilities and funds. Every dollar we save in the supply chain process not only means more money we can invest in additional research and development and customer service.

Our sales department accurately forecasts sales trends utilizing a variety of metrics, from 30 and 90 day sale trends of past products, to new product potential, holiday influxes, and influencing outside factors. Our assessment is systematic, which increases the accuracy of our forecasts. Our logistics department plans delivery and transportation to maximize cost control and on-time deliveries. They assess and manage our international facilities to maximize their use and effectiveness so our products are always right on time.

Our purchasing department assesses and evaluates our suppliers and ensures the materials we purchase are held to our high standards. They work in tandem to our sales team and use their forecasts to purchase accordingly. Supply chain management has become a great source of pride for Worthfind, and our excellence has set us apart from our competitors.