Foreign trade Manager

Foreign trade Manager


Job Description:

  1. Responsible for foreign customer development activities, expertly take care of export orders from start to finish;
  2. Manage order inquiries and quotations from new and existing customers;
  3. Familiar with customer requirements, proactively cultivate and fulfill duties given by superiors;
  4. Oversee production of bulk orders with a focus on quality assurance as well as timely delivery;
  5. Have an in-depth understanding of industry trends both locally & internationally, and indispensable insights into product pricing movements.


Job qualifications:

  1. 2+ years' experience in foreign trade or bag industry, expertise in key account order follow-up;
  2. Possess a deep understanding of key account development in similar industries;
  3. Possess a thorough understanding of international trading, able to manage your own;  professional affairs with complete autonomy.


For interested applicants, please send your resume to

2023年8月3日 13:58