Market Development Manager/Director(B2B)

Market Development Manager/Director(B2B)


Job Description:

  1. Maintain and expand overseas media resources, promote PR collaborations, establish partnerships with renowned media outlets, strengthen and enhance the brand image of the company in overseas markets, and increase brand awareness and industry influence;
  2. Regularly summarize and evaluate social media operations, analyze and optimize key metrics such as followers, engagement rate, content quality, brand presence, etc., for each social media channel;

  3. Analyze fan behavior, plan daily/special activities to increase fan engagement and loyalty, drive growth in the number of fans, market and promote the brand and products, and contribute to achieving sales targets;

  4. Coordinate the planning and implementation of content in line with product rhythms, hot topics, events, and trends, including event marketing content, user incentive activities, brand image promotion, etc;

  5. Organize the team to develop activity content plans, project plans, drive project execution, and conduct post-event reviews.

Job qualifications:

  1. Bachelor's degree or above in public relations, advertising, marketing, or journalism, with successful experience in branding and expanding into international markets. Prior experience with well-known brands in international expansion (brands with an annual volume of over $30 million preferred);

  2. Experience in overseas social media and marketing operations, including platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc;

  3. Rich experience in PR, marketing, and new media, with strong creative and presentation abilities in various event marketing scenarios.


For interested applicants, please send your resume to

2023年8月3日 14:15